Of Course You’re Awesome! Now Pay $10 a Month to Hear Someone Else Say It

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Oppenheim Bernhard

Longing for a pick-me-up? Have some spare funds? Then why not take part in the ongoing monetization of everyday social connection?

OK, that’s probably just NewsFeed being cynical. The premise of AwesomenessReminders.com is actually pretty cute: buy a $10/month subscription and every day someone will call you and tell you how awesome you are. (If you don’t answer, they will leave a voicemail — thoughtful!)

Is this a joke? The website swears it is not (twice) and founder Zachary Burt tells NewsFeed that the site is “very real.” According to Burt, the business started up just last week and currently counts just over 100 subscribers. Burt began by making all the calls himself before enlisting his roommate to help out. The company hired its first outside caller on Friday.

Burt is a web entrepreneur who in the past year has also started CustomerFind, EndAnts and CompassionPit.

NewsFeed hasn’t signed up for the service, so we’re still not 100% convinced that the business is real. But we’re at about 97%! So if you’re in need of a pat on the back, you could sign up — or, for $7.50 a month, you could give just a quarter to a homeless person every day and feel real good about yourself.

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