City of Beverly Hills Celebrates 90210 Day

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It’s 9/02/10 — get it?

90210 Day is, in some ways, the perfect internet holiday. Bored Gen-Xers can surreptitiously browse nostalgic clips of Beverly Hills 90210 in their cubicles, while Generation Y can rouse from their futons, laugh at the early ’90s fashions and pretend that they were old enough to watch the show when it originally aired.

But the city of Beverly Hills sees their irony and raises them one dose of sincerity. The lush LA suburb is capitalizing on the date with “Celebrate 9.02.10 Day” a completely straight-faced event where guests can drink wine and hobnob with the city’s mayor. Later in the evening, the “Beverly Hills Celebration Event” will feature a performance from singer Natasha Bedingfield — an artist curiously associated with a different teen soap set in the Los Angeles metro area.

Neither event makes any mention of Beverly Hills 90210, which ran on FOX from 1990 to 2000, nor of the little-loved CW remake. Does this mean that the city is embarrassed of its cultural heritage? After all, NewsFeed doubts Bel-Air would snub Will Smith.(via Franklin Avenue)