Quotes: Chris Christie’s Wife Told Him To Axe Hudson Tunnel

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) and his wife, Mary Pat Christie attend the premiere of "The Soprano State" at the Ziegfeld Theatre on October 18, 2010 in New York City.

Marc Stamas/Getty Images

“The lobbying to me on this one was from [the first lady]. She’s, like, ‘So this thing’s going 10 stories under Macy’s, [and] then I gotta go back up and I gotta walk over to Penn Station. I get on a subway…’ She said, ‘This is crazy. This doesn’t make any sense.’”

—CHRIS CHRISTIE, New Jersey Governor, saying his controversial decision to cancel the $8.7 billion Hudson River rail tunnel was due in part to his wife’s desire to not walk an extra block, in addition to Christie’s already-stated fear of cost overruns. (from the New York Post via The Awl)