What’s The Most Dangerous City in America?

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St. Louis, Missouri. Getty Images.

With nearly four times the crime than the average American city the dubious honor goes to…

St. Louis as the most dangerous city in America.

Annual rankings, based on FBI crime statistics and population statistics, offered up the most dangerous cities in handy list form. St. Louis beat out last year’s chart topper, Camden, NJ, though Camden is still pretty crime-y at number two.

The top 10 most dangerous cities are:

1. St. Louis, MO

2. Camden, NJ

3. Detroit, MI

4. Flint, MI

5. Oakland, CA

6. Richmond, CA

7. Cleveland, OH

8. Compton, CA

9. Gary, IN

10. Birmingham, AL

(See photos of crime in middle America.)

The safest city out of the 400 ranked is, for the second year in a row, Colonie, NY. Your guess is as good as ours as to where that might be. Just kidding, Colonie, keep up the good work. (via Gawker)