Let’s Make a Deal: Google Eyes Groupon?

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Today in tech: Google eats Groupon. Or thinks about it. The price tag? Billions. Unless, of course, Groupon offers some sort of a discount…  (via Techland)

…Get it?

As we were saying, as part of their quest to eat the Internet, the good folks at Google are reportedly nearing a deal to buy Groupon, one of the fastest growing start-ups in history.

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Citing “people with direct knowledge of the matter,” the New York Times reports the offer will be in the $5 to $6 billion range. That would make this Google’s biggest buy yet.

The details of the deal are still murky, but NewsFeed is already pondering the possibility of a new name.

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Sure, ‘Groupon’ — a combination of ‘group’ and ‘coupon’— is clever. But we’ve already got Google Mail, Google Maps and Google Docs —  next stop, Google Deals?

Or they could go with our original suggestion: Goopon. Anybody? Read more at Techland.