Mysterious Giant Lego Man Held in Police Custody

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It doesn’t matter that it’s an eight-foot-tall Lego man that washed up a beach one day. All lost-and-found property is treated equally in Sarasota, Fla.

The giant figurine appeared on Siesta Key Beach, sporting a green shirt with the phrase “No Real Than You Are” on the front and “Ego Leonard” on the back. There is speculation that it is part of a guerrilla marketing campaign, possibly related to the Legoland that opened recently 70 mi from Siesta Key. But the company denies having anything to do with the sculpture and calls it a counterfeit.

The fiberglass sculpture will remain in police custody for 90 days, just like all other items turned in to lost and found. During this time, authorities will continue investigating where the Lego man came from.

The man who first spotted the Lego man will get to keep it, if its owner is not identified, and he has said that he will try to sell it on eBay. But he might already have a buyer close to home — the Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau hopes to use the strange item to promote the area.

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