Fugitive Keeps Updating Facebook Status While on the Lam

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AFP / Getty Images

Bonnie & Clyde are in a relationship and it’s complicated. Robin Hood is at Sherwood Forest. Al Capone posted a photo from First National Bank. Yes, it seems odd that criminals on the run would alert their friends and family to their hideouts, but in these socially-connected times, Travis Nicolaysen is proving that even when you’re on the lam, there is always time to update your Facebook status.

Nicolaysen has been on the run from the police since April 4 for failing to check in with his parole officer, but has been regularly updating his Facebook status. The 26-year-old from Port Angeles, Washington, is wanted for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in March. Although, it appears that Nicolaysen’s girlfriend broke up with him, as he recently changed his relationship status on Facebook from “in a relationship” to “single,” according to the Peninsula Daily News.

Nicolaysen has been using the popular social networking site to keep in touch with friends and family and to find places to crash while hiding from the cops. Occasionally Nicolaysen has used Facebook to taunt the police, posting “Got away thanks bro,” after eluding capture once again. The police have had the fugitive within their grasp twice, but despite two foot races and a dragnet,┬áNicolaysen remains at large and online.

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Family and friends have been posting words of support on Nicolaysen’s Facebook page, including a recent post from cousin Tawnya Newell that mentioned she saw him on local news, bemoaned the photo they chose to use in the wanted ads, and encouraged him to “give em hell kid.” But not all of Nicolaysen’s friends are in favor of his decision to run, preferring that he turn himself in to the authorities, to set a better example to his children. His Facebook page shows a photo of Nicolaysen with two toddlers.

Nicolaysen has been convicted of five felonies, including domestic violence, burglary, and theft of a firearm, said police. And, yes, the police are checking Nicolaysen’s Facebook page.

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