‘Zombie’ Cannibal Attacks Come to China

A man in Wenzhou, China, is accused of attacking a woman and biting her in the face

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Cannibal attacks seems to have spread to China, as a drunk bus driver was caught on camera gnawing at a woman's face in a random attack.

Life (and cannibalism) made so much more sense when we all thought bath salts were the driving force behind the so-called zombie apocalypse. But once toxicologists determined that Rudy “Causeway Cannibal” Eugene wasn’t under the influence of the synthetic drug when he chewed the face off a man in Miami, our theories were thrown out the window.

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And now, another case: Last week, in the Chinese city of Wenzhou, a man carried out an attack straight out of Night of the Living Dead. The Daily Mail reports that an off-duty bus driver surnamed Dong jumped on top of a woman’s car as she drove by and began pounding on her windshield. When she attempted to run away, Dong tackled her from behind and begin biting her on the face, severely injuring her mouth and nose before bystanders were able to restrain him. He was reportedly drunk on grain alcohol.

Given the ubiquity of alcohol, we have to wonder if there is some other, non-alcohol-or-drug-related, explanation for the spate of cannibalistic attacks. For now, though, we’re betting on zombies.

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