Life Imitates Breaking Bad: Walter White Wanted on Meth Charges

An Alabama man has more in common with 'Breaking Bad's critically acclaimed meth-dealer than just his name.

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REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Actor Bryan Cranston, star of AMC's drama series 'Breaking Bad', whose character Walter White shares his name with a real life meth dealer

Attention, AMC: Walter White has topped the most wanted list in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, for violating his probation for manufacturing methamphetamine. But don’t worry: this isn’t a plot point from the next episode of the cable channel’s popular crime drama.

A real-life meth cook just happens to share the same name as Breaking Bads central character, the mild-mannered chemistry teacher and cancer survivor turned drug lord, played to critical acclaim by Bryan Cranston. The real-life Walter White even bears a passing resemblance to the three-time Emmy Award winning actor.

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Alabama news site reports that White was first arrested in 2008 on charges of trafficking methamphetamine, unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of precursor materials. From 2010 he was on probation in Tuscaloosa County.

White violated his probation in January 2012 when he arrested in neighboring Bibb County on the same charges. After he missed a court appearance in July, Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge Brad Almond ordered that a writ be issued.

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Breaking Bad, which is currently airing its fifth and final season, follows the descent of White’s fictional doppelganger from affable but struggling teacher to menacing criminal, as he turns to less-than-legal methods of providing for his family after being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

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