Arkansas Butt-Dialer Caught Allegedly Plotting Murder

Smooth move, holmes.

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Andreas Pollok/Getty

Remember that time you texted “I have a huge crush on Trey” to your crush Trey? The Arkansas man who butt-dialed his former employee as he was allegedly plotting to have him killed last week knows exactly how you felt. He’s due in court Wednesday.

Larry Barnett was allegedly deep in conversation with a hit man planning the murder of his former employee, James Macom, when he accidentally butt dialed Macom, ABC reports. 

Barnett took out his phone to get Macom’s contact information to give to the hit man, then put the phone back in his pocket and sat down on it. His butt pressed into the phone, calling Macom and alerting him to his impending doom.

Barnett was trying to be all smooth by telling the hit man to make the murder seem like an accident, police say. Macom overheard Barnett telling the man his home address and other personal information. “I owe the little son of a b—- a bunch of money and if he’s gone, I don’t have to pay for it,” Barnett allegedly said. Macom also reportedly heard Barnett say he “did not care if you have to burn his house to the ground with him in it.”

When Macom heard this, he called the police and then returned home to find that someone had broken into his house and tampered with his stove.

Macom and Barnett had been involved in an ongoing dispute over unpaid wages and ownership of a vehicle.

Barnett was arrested last Thursday for conspiracy to commit murder, and is due back in court Wednesday. His lawyer had no comment.