A ‘Hipster Scarf’ Saved This Man’s Life

No, we're not being melodramatic.

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Red silk scarf blowing in wind

While some scoff at hipster accessory choices as mere counterpoints to ironic facial hair, an English language German news source is crediting what it describes as a specifically “hipster scarf” with saving a man’s life.

Alex Vogel, 38, told Tagesspiegel newspaper that he was walking by a Berlin river when he heard a nearby “wretched noise” that turned out to be a flailing, drowning American. Since there was almost five feet between Vogel and the water, he “unwound his over-long, hipster scarf,” knit by his mother-in-law, lay on the ground and threw it to the man in the water. Two passersby helped support Vogel as the 22-year-old American managed to climb up the scarf.

Police arrived shortly thereafter and took the American to a hospital for hypothermia. No word on the condition of the scarf.

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