Twerking Student Accidentally Sets Off School Fire Alarm

In Florida (Of Course)

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Eric Anthony Johnson / Getty Images

A middle-school student has been suspended after a classroom after a twerking incident went awry.

A sixth grader at North Naples Middle School in Florida, one of the states unofficially in the running to be the nation’s twerk capital, was reportedly performing the rump-shaking dance move in a classroom when he lost his balance, WZVN-TV reports. In the process of falling, the unnamed student managed to trigger the fire alarm, calling local firefighters to the school to investigate. “The fire department came and teachers were all over the place,” said Alyssa Murillo, a 6th grader at North Naples Middle School to WZVN.

Now, in a move straight out of the Footloose playbook, the school has suspended the student (although allegedly for something that happened after the twerking) and done away with the dance move at school entirely. “The principal made an announcement that twerking was banned,” Murillo noted.

Blame Miley if you must, but banning twerking is never the answer: students have to earn college scholarships somehow.

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