Ghost Hunters Mistaken For Burglars

Who you gonna call?

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What scares a ghost hunter? Being mistaken for a burglar.

On Thanksgiving night, a ghost tour in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania ended with two tourists and their guide being detained at gunpoint. A police officer had noticed flashing lights inside a closed shop and went to investigate what he presumed was a burglary in progress. He found three intruders inside the Victorian-style photography studio and, as a good officer of the law, he handcuffed and searched the alleged burglars.

The trespassers’ defense? They were would-be ghosthunters who had permission to be in the Civil War-era building to hunt for spirits. The building that now houses Servant’s Old Tyme Photos is allegedly haunted by the ghost of the first Union general killed in the Battle of Gettysburg, who was brought to the building after being fatally wounded.

Police contacted the store’s owner, who confirmed the tour operator had permission to be hunting for ghosts in the building. No word on whether any ghosts were found.

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