The Best Person of the Year Cover Parodies

The Internet has it handled.

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The Internet breathed a collective sigh of relief Wednesday when TIME announced that Miley Cyrus was not 2013’s Person of the Year. This year Pope Francis, who TIME called “The People’s Pope,” was chosen. But even a man with a global following couldn’t withstand the usual criticism and protest of the choice. Here’s how people reacted — one photoshopped fake cover at a time.

Perez Hilton, who championed a Miley win, bemoaned her loss. Hint: It’s not a contest.
Miley Cyrus on fake TIME Person of the Year cover




Jimmy Kimmel took it a step further by sending a correspondent to Hollywood Boulevard to show passersby fake Person of the Year covers and ask them to weigh in on the selection. Here are some of the best fake covers paired with a choice comment.


Kris Jenner: “An amazing businesswoman with a really good head on her shoulders.”

Kris Jenner cover

Rob Ford: “I don’t think he should be Person of the Year for what he’s done.”

rob ford

Mama June: “I think that’s kind of cool.”

mama june

Ylvis: “I think it’s a great choice. Those are two great guys.”


Prince George: “That’s awesome.”

prince george