Stoner Santa Busted With 20 Pounds Of Weed Wrapped as Christmas Presents

Someone is on Santa's naughty list now.

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Andersen Ross / Getty Images

Sure, he looks cute, but giving a pet as a gift doesn't always work out as planned

Randy Jesus Valdivia had a car full of Christmas presents when the cops pulled him over. After a search of the vehicle, police arrested him on charges of possession with intent to deliver a lot more than just Christmas cheer: He had 20 pounds of pot wrapped up in pretty Christmas paper. Guess somebody won’t be getting their Christmas presents this year.

Police patrolling Interstate 80 outside of State College, Penn., pulled Valdivia over after observing his minivan engaged in “criminal activity indicators.” The Florida man consented to a search of his 2014 Dodge Caravan, which is when the police discovered the gift-wrapped boxes filled with 40 vacuum-sealed plastic bags filled with approximately $160,000 worth of marijuana.

Valdivia was arrested, put on Santa’s “naughty list” and charged with a felony of possession with intent to deliver. He was then taken to the Centre County Correctional Facility for arraignment.

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