Pimp Convicted of Assaulting John With His Air Jordans Suing Nike for $100M

For failing to label his kicks as a dangerous weapon

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A Portland pimp who brutally stomped the face of a client is now trying to get Nike to share some of the blame. He’s suing the company for $100 million, claiming that the Air Jordans he was wearing at the time of the beating should have included a warning that they could be used as a dangerous weapon, the Oregonian reports.

In 2012, Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 26, maimed the face of a john who was reportedly attempting to leave a hotel without paying one of Clardy’s prostitutes. The man required stitches and plastic surgery, and jurors later found Clardy guilty of second-degree assault. (They also found him guilty of robbing the john and beating the prostitute.)

Clardy has been spending part of his 100-year prison sentence putting together a handwritten complaint against Nike and its executives. Representing himself in the lawsuit, filed this week in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Clardy wrote:

Under product liability there is a certain standard of care that is required to be up-held by potentially dangerous product … Do (sic) to the fact that these defendants named in this Tort claim failed to warn of risk or to provide an adequate warning or instruction it has caused personal injury in the likes of mental suffering.

He has also asked a judge to order Nike to begin attaching warning labels to all “potentially dangerous” merchandise. Because really, how was he supposed to know that stomping on someone’s face would harm them? Come on, Nike, let’s see some more corporate social responsibility next time.

This is all quite a far cry from what we thought we knew about Portland.

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