British Spies Will Get ‘License to Speed’

Don't worry, officer, I'm a spy

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'Skyfall' Germany Premiere
Andreas Rentz / WireImage

Daniel Craig at the "Skyfall" Premiere on October 30, 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

Next time a British spy is pulled over, he just needs to calmly explain that he’s an International Man of Mystery and then go on his way. That’s because starting Monday, spies in the U.K. will have a “license to speed” when they are on a case.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill is set to announce the change in law on Monday, which will allow all the James Bonds out there to drive with the same recklessness as police, firefighters, and ambulance drivers, AFP reports. Officers in the MI5 and MI6 intelligence units will be able to break the speed limit if they’re on surveillance or covert operations. Right now, spies who are caught speeding after bad guys risk getting ticketed.

Bomb disposal vehicles, mountain rescue teams, and organ transport vehicles are also being extended speeding privileges.