Madison Gray

There's always something new in the news business to keep us journalists busy, but the new trends never cease to amaze me. Looking at my years in this craft, you could call me a jack-of-all trades, but I'm really a student. Beginning in my hometown of Detroit, first writing business, then doing radio, transitioning to a major daily and finally finding my way to the East Coast to find a place in Internet news, the surprises keep on coming. Here at, where I produce what you see on our homepage every single day, it's my job to make sure you get the experience you're looking for from our excellent content.

Articles from Contributor

Finally, Sexual Assault Prevention With Teeth

As a young physician on call one night 40 years ago in South Africa, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers tended to an emaciated rape victim. As she counseled the victim, she always remembered one important thing she said: “If only I had teeth down there.”

Quotes: Tony Hayward Before Congress

“I’m not stonewalling. I simply was not involved in the decision making process.”

— BP CEO Tony Hayward after being grilled by House Committee Chairman Rep. Henry Waxman on the failure of preventative measures of the Deepwater …

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