NCAA Athletes Want a Share of Revenues

“The things we go through, the hours we put in, what our bodies go through, we deserve some sort of (results). College football is a billion dollar industry.”

— DENZEL MCCOY, a redshirt freshman defensive end at Georgia Tech, …

Bangkok Struggles With Massive Floods

“In the worst-case scenario, if all the dikes break, all parts of Bangkok would be more or less flooded.”

— SERI SUPHARATID, Rangsit University’s disaster director, on the city’s ongoing flooding (via MSNBC)

Protests Turn Nasty in Greece

“We are not lazy; it’s the Germans, they want to take our blood.”

— ELEFTHERIOS ZARKADOS, a protester outside Greece’s parliament building on Wednesday, during a 48-hour rally against more anticipated cost-cutting measures by …

Texas Fumes Over Space Shuttle’s Houson Omission

“It’s like putting the Statue of Liberty in Omaha.”

— TED POE, a Texas U.S. Representative, discussing the frustration in Houston over cities such as New York being awarded a retired NASA shuttle and not Houston, home to …

QUOTE: Michelle Obama Misses Shopping

“People realize and it’s amazing how people don’t recognize you. They don’t expect to see me at Starbucks or at Chipotle.”

— MICHELLE OBAMA telling Al Rocker about how she likes to get outside the White House and shop (via MSNBC)

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