Breaking News: Flight Attendants Have Good, Clean Fun

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It’s not all Sturm-und-Drang and beer and slides on planes these days. Sometimes they have pillow fights!

If you would have asked NewsFeed last weekend what profession would dominate the news this week, we would not have said “flight attendants.” (We probably would have said “taxidermists.”) But thanks to Steven Slater, flight attendants are having their moment — for the first time since the ’60s.

The newest attendant to enthrall us internet jockeys is a stewardess on a Lufthansa Tel Aviv-Frankfurt flight that, according to YouTube, saw a few French tourists start a pillow fight. And, proving that sometimes national stereotypes are completely unfounded, this merry Mädchen jumped right in! Who says Europeans don’t know customer service?

(This space is where NewsFeed would ordinarily make a general sociologic argument about the way that Germany and France have been much less affected by the global recession than the U.S. has, and thus workers in those countries are less harried and on-edge than their American counterparts, but we have the feeling you would much rather just watch the video again.)

(Via Gawker)