Airline Fees Up By 50% Since 2009

Flying soon? You could pay upwards of 50% more in airline fees than for the same flight just one year ago. And don’t even think of asking for a receipt to document the pain — you’ll pay another $20 for that privilege.

Quotes: Hurricane Igor Passes Near Bermuda

“We’re certainly getting our money’s worth in drama.”

— JAMES DODI, a visitor to Bermuda, on Hurricane Igor’s path near the island; though power was out in many areas, there were no reports of major damage from the Category 1 …

What’s the Worst Thing About Being an Astronaut?

NewsFeed isn’t going to lie: We’ve always dreamed of going to space, seeing the stars and gazing down on the bright blue planet thousands of miles beneath us. But a new report has detailed a scary new thing that happen to …

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