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I'm a Web nerd and a reporter for TIME.com and TIME Magazine. You can reach me at dan_fletcher@timemagazine.com or on Twitter @danielroger.

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Did Apple Lose Another iPhone 4G?

Apple might have another leaked iPhone on its hands. That’s the buzz after pictures of an device similar to the one found in March were posted on a message board in Vietnam. While there’s some slight differences between the …

Quotes: Tarballs Washing Up on the Beach

“Tarballs DO NOT pose a health risk to the average person,”

— A SIGN, posted on a beach on Dauphin Island, Ala., reassuring swimmers that the small blobs of oil that have begun washing up on shore are not a threat. Tests …

The Top 10 Famous Stolen Body Parts

Gruesome? Yep. But fascinating? Oh, yes. After French legislators voted to return 15 mummified Maori heads to New Zealand after decades on display in museums, TIME looks back at the top 10 famous stolen body parts. (Via TIME.com)

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